BCMR (Board for Correction of Military Records) Appeals

Current or former members of the military may have adverse material or errors in their official military personnel file (OMPF).  Such material may include adverse fitness reports or evaluation reports, Letters of Reprimand, or simply administrative or clerical errors.  Furthermore, if a service member has received a discharge from the military that was not honorable due to misconduct and adjudication at a special court-martial, or the finding of an administrative discharge board, this negative characterization of service will also be reflected in your OMPF on your DD Form-214.

If you are a current or former member of the military in this situation, you may apply for a correction of error or injustice in your official military records.   Such applications must be submitted to the respective Board of Correction for your service (Navy and Marine Corps personnel submit appeals to the Board for Correction of Naval Records, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard personnel submit appeals to the Board for Correction of Military Records).

If there is an error or injustice in your military record, it is imperative that you apply to the BCNR/BCMR for relief as soon as possible since applications for relief must be submitted within three years after the error or injustice was discovered, unless there is good cause to waive that limitation in the best interests of justice.  Contact the attorneys at Brewster & Lee to discuss your options regarding a BCNR/BCMR appeal today.